Flowers Tv Channel History | Malayalam

Flowers TV is a prominent television channel in Kerala, India, known for its diverse programming and captivating content. Launched on 12 April 2015, the channel quickly gained popularity and became one of the leading Malayalam language entertainment channels in the region. Let's delve into the history of Flowers TV and explore its journey.

Flowers TV was established by Sreekandan Nair, a renowned media personality and entrepreneur. The channel's primary objective was to provide high-quality and innovative entertainment to the Malayalam-speaking audience. From the beginning, Flowers TV aimed to stand out by offering unique and refreshing content that would resonate with viewers across different age groups.

One of the initial milestones for Flowers TV was the launch of its flagship show, "Flowers TV Awards." This annual awards ceremony recognized and honored exceptional talent in the Malayalam entertainment industry. The event garnered significant attention and became a platform for celebrities and artists to showcase their accomplishments.

Flowers TV continued to expand its programming with a focus on diverse genres. The channel introduced a range of shows, including reality shows, talent hunts, game shows, comedy programs, talk shows, and serials. These shows featured popular celebrities, comedians, and talented individuals from various fields, providing a platform to showcase their skills and entertain a wide audience.

One of the notable successes of Flowers TV was the comedy program called "Comedy Utsavam." Hosted by anchor-turned-actor Mithun Ramesh, the show brought together renowned comedians who performed skits, stand-up comedy, and humorous acts. "Comedy Utsavam" became immensely popular and helped Flowers TV establish a strong presence in the comedy genre.

Flowers TV also ventured into the realm of serial production with shows like "Moonnumani," "Uppum Mulakum," and "Seetha." These serials gained a loyal fan base and contributed to the channel's growing viewership. Flowers TV's serials were known for their relatable storylines, engaging characters, and high production values.

In addition to entertainment, Flowers TV also focused on socially relevant and informative content. The channel aired talk shows that discussed contemporary issues, provided a platform for public discourse, and highlighted the achievements and concerns of different sections of society. This approach helped Flowers TV connect with its viewers on a deeper level and establish itself as a responsible media outlet.

Flowers TV's commitment to quality content was recognized with several awards and accolades. The channel received prestigious honors like the Kerala State Television Award and Asianet Television Award for its outstanding contributions to the industry. These achievements further solidified Flowers TV's position as a leading player in the Malayalam television landscape.

Over the years, Flowers TV continued to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape. The channel embraced digital platforms to expand its reach and engage with a wider audience. It launched its official YouTube channel, where viewers could access exclusive content, highlights, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Flowers TV's success story is a testament to its vision, creativity, and dedication to delivering entertaining and meaningful content. With a diverse range of shows, talented artists, and a strong connection with its viewers, Flowers TV has become an integral part of the Malayalam entertainment industry. As it continues to grow and innovate, Flowers TV remains committed to entertaining, informing, and inspiring its audience with its unique programming.