Zee Keralam Channel Details - History


Zee Keralam is a popular Malayalam-language television channel based in Kerala, India. Launched on November 26, 2018, it is part of the Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) network and has gained a significant following among Malayalam-speaking audiences. The channel offers a diverse range of content, including serials, reality shows, game shows, talk shows, and movies, catering to a wide viewership. Here is an overview of Zee Keralam channel, its programs, and its impact.

1. Launch and Branding:
Zee Keralam was launched with the aim of providing high-quality entertainment and engaging content to the Malayalam-speaking audience. The channel's tagline, "Neithedukkam Jeevitha Vismayangal," translates to "Let's weave the wonders of life." It reflects the channel's commitment to showcasing compelling stories and creating memorable experiences for viewers.

2. Fictional Serials:
Zee Keralam is known for its wide range of fictional serials, which have gained immense popularity among the audience. Shows like "Chembarathi," "Pookkalam Varavayi," "Karthika Deepam," and "Sathya Enna Penkutty" have captivated viewers with their intriguing storylines, relatable characters, and strong performances. These serials often explore social issues, family dynamics, and relationships, resonating with the audience.

3. Reality and Game Shows:
Zee Keralam offers an array of reality and game shows that entertain and engage viewers. Shows like "Best Pair," "Comedy Nights with Suraj," and "Star Magic" showcase talents from various domains, including singing, dancing, comedy, and mimicry. These shows provide a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their skills, entertain the audience, and compete for coveted titles.

4. Talk Shows and Celebrity Interviews:
Zee Keralam features talk shows and celebrity interviews that offer insights into the lives and experiences of prominent personalities from the film and television industry. Shows like "Kuttikalodaano Kali," "Zee Swara Raaga," and "Zee Keralam Sa Re Ga Ma Pa" provide a platform for discussions on diverse topics, including music, cinema, and social issues. These shows not only entertain but also inform and inspire the audience.

5. Movies and Special Events:
Zee Keralam also broadcasts a variety of movies, including recent releases and classic films. These movie screenings provide entertainment for viewers who enjoy watching films from different genres. Additionally, the channel telecasts special events like award functions, cultural festivals, and celebrations, further adding to its diverse content offerings.

6. Social Initiatives and Promotions:
Zee Keralam actively engages in social initiatives and campaigns to address relevant issues in society. The channel collaborates with nonprofit organizations and social activists to raise awareness about topics such as education, health, and empowerment. These initiatives reflect the channel's commitment to using its platform for social good and making a positive impact.

7. Digital Presence and Online Streaming:
Zee Keralam has a strong digital presence, with an official website and social media accounts that keep viewers updated on the channel's programs, events, and initiatives. The channel also provides online streaming services, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows and episodes at their convenience through the ZEE5 platform or the Zee Keralam website.

8. Viewer Engagement and Audience Response:
Zee Keralam actively encourages viewer engagement and interaction through social media platforms, allowing audiences to express their opinions, share feedback, and participate in contests and polls. The channel values its viewers' feedback and strives to incorporate their suggestions, creating a sense of community and fostering a strong bond with the audience